Friday, 2 April 2010

Visit to the Bergen Aquarium

This week I've got some french friends visiting, and as the weather this morning was typical indoor-weather we decided to go to the aquarium, where they opened a new shark-tunnel this week.

We spent more than 3 hours just walking around looking, reading about the species and taking photos, and I think we all enjoyed it quite a lot. The only thing we did not enjoy so much was the rest of the crowd visiting the aquarium today too... I heard someone said they had a record number of visitors yesterday, but there can't have been much less people today. Good business for the aquarium though - which will in the end (hopefully... ) benefit the visitors too.

I'm still learning how to use my camera properly, and I have to admit that most of the pictures were taken in automatic mode - I just couldn't figure out the right combinations of settings on my own. However - I did realise that in this context, manual focus turned out very handy...

I have to admit that I don't find fish particularly beautiful to look at - except for the tropical fishes with all the shiny bright colours - like the ones below. There was particularly one other fish I really wanted to get in a photo, but as soon as I figured out the settings, he went into hiding and didn't come out...  I was really disappointed by that!

Although there was quite a crowd around the new attraction, we did get to see the sharks as well... they are not very big yet, but this type of sharks can get up to 2m long... They still don't look particularly friendly...

But - if there's something I really don't want to run into when I'm out walking, it has to be these:

Just when we passed the reptile section, it happened to be "caressing time" - and the crew had taken out one snake, one tortoise and one lizard... I did not feel tempted to touch either of them, but I had to take a photo of the lizard... kind of cute in it's own way...

To finish off the whole visit we went out to see the penguins... The weather had cleared a bit, and after the reptiles the penguins was quite a soothing view - no wonder kids just love them!

If you're in Bergen and don't know what to do one day - go visit the aquarium - it's definately worth a visit! 

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