Friday, 28 May 2010

Give-Away hos En Liten Blanding Små Drops

Linda har nå Give-Away i bloggen sin En Liten Blanding Små Drops.
Bloggen hennes oppdateres ofte med inspirerende ord og bilder - jeg koser meg hver gang jeg titter innom der!

Premien er et nydelig englemaskesjal - titt innom henne på linken over for å være med du også!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Earlier project show-off: Babywear

As I haven't finished any new projects lately I'll use the occasion to present another project I did a while ago.
I knitted a set of babywear - jacket and trousers - for my friends' to-be-born baby, size 3 months to be sure it would at least fit for a while.

The to-be-mum picked out the pattern and colour herself - I found that to be quite a good solution, as I would then be sure she'd be happy with the result. I have to admit that I needed some help from mum to get the jacket sewn together and the zip nicely done - if I were to do that myself I'm pretty sure the little girl would never have had the occasion to wear this... next time I'll do it myself! (... at least I'll try.... )

I really liked this pattern, and it's not unlikely I'll make another one sometime if there's a suitable occasion...
The pattern called for Regia Silk baby yarn, which was also what I used - we even ended up using the colours from the suggestion in the pattern book... maybe I'll try a different version next time!


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