Wednesday, 23 June 2010


A very good colleague of mine had a son born on sunday. I wanted to make and give a small "something" - and here's the result: A pair of soft babysocks in Drops Alpaca.
The small darling will probably need a few months to grow into them, but at least they're all ready and gift is handed over!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Beautiful Cat-cards

As I have nothing new to presents of my own, I'll this time show some greeting cards I've just bought.
Or... I've just ordered my second bundle... The cards are just so beautiful that I'd struggle to use any of them to give away...
They are just absolutely beautiful - even more so "in real" than on the photo!

The drawings are made by a very very talented lady, Hilde Bjørsvik, - and the prints are very clear and high-quality, in size A6. I really hope there will be more collections to come!

At the moment she sells this collection as a bundle of all 4 cards for 150kr + postage.
If you're interested, she can be contacted at 
There's only a limited number of prints available, so you better be quick...Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Crocheted slippers

After finishing the blanket last week, I have now finished a small project: Crocheted slippers for a friend of mine. 
I used pattern 113-32 Crochet slippers in "Eskimo", size 38/40, with colours 21 (blue/violet, 3 balls) and 30 (pink, 1 ball).
They are now ready for delivery - I hope my friend will like them! 

Friday, 4 June 2010

Soft Wavy Baby Blanket

Finally! The blanket I've been working on for quite a while is finally done! Just in time for the due date for the baby it is made for :)

The blanket is made from the pattern DROPS Blanket in wavy pattern in Alpaca. I used the Alpaca yarn called for, but chose different colours, as I had to keep it neutral - don't know yet whether it'll be for a girl or a boy... I am very pleased with the final product! :)


Thursday, 3 June 2010

My own, personal labels!

I present my new labels, which I will put on all my handmade items as a personal signature:

I ordered them from an Etsy seller, Jennifers Jewels, which I can definately recommend. Good customer service and great flexibility for the designs. I picked one of her many standard designs, but she'll print almost any design you may want. I ordered 90 labels, but as I ordered a much smaller size than the standard, I got almost twice that number. Again - I am very pleased with both the labels and the trade - and now they're all ready to be used!

A moment of weakness...

My stock of yarn has generally seen more yarn coming in than going out. It's not like I have crazy amounts, but I have quite a few balls I've bought without any planned purpose, or I might have abandoned the original idea I had... especially if that was an idea from another weak moment...
The last few months at least I have been very organized, and only bought yarn that I had a safe plan for. I have yarn for a few projects all ready - and I don't really need any new yarn for quite a while...
But yesterday I had a weak moment and gave in to an urge for putting in an order for new yarn.

This time I've ordere 7 different colours in an Alpaca yarn from I have never bought this yarn before, but I've seen it, and it's very light and soft. And -  I do have a plan for it - if it works... that's still left to see...

For quite a while I've been dreaming of making a granny-square blanket for myself  - and I'm now starting to get a fair idea of how I'd like it... Ideally I'd like it light, fairly thin and it HAS to be very soft - and that's why I'll give it a try using this Alpaca may be too thin- and I may have to use it double - in which case the amount of yarn needed may be far off what I can afford spending on this kind of project - but I'll test out a few different designs and different needle thicknesses, and hopefully I'll find a way that works. I also had to get one of each of the colours I'm considering, so that I can get a proper idea of whether they go together or not, and how I'd like the blanket to be...

If it turns out that this yarn was a bad idea for the blanket, there will be plenty of smaller, cute projects I could use this yarn for - no way this yarn will stay unused in any case!


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