Saturday, 10 April 2010

Return to my new favorite yarn-shop

The granny-square blanket I'm working on did - as I feared - turn out a bit too small using the number of squares in the instructions, and I need more yarn to be able to complete it. I can't really say I was sorry that I just had to return to my new favorite yarn-shop To Damer to get more yarn....

I ended up going there just before closing time - and as I was the only customer there I ended up staying a bit for a chat with the shop-owner. I really enjoyed the chat - and it turned out we shared not only the interest for crafting, but also the interest in music! Plenty of things to discuss and time whizzed by - and it was long pas closing-time when I finally left the shop.

Thank you, May, for being so friendly and helpful - I will definately be back!!

1 comment:

  1. Jeg var også der igår og kjøpte garn til genseren min:)
    Utrolig koselig og stort utvalg:)



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