Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My first ever granny-square

I just couldn't wait - I had to try to make one of the squares for the DROPS Alpaca granny-square baby blanket... and I finished the first square last night. The first one took some time, as I had to use all the colors, and it always takes some time to start on a new ball - especially when you only have one ball, but you're supposed to use double yarn... My square turned out 13cm x 13cm with crochet hook 6mm (pattern called for hook 5) - I think it looks good and it's loose enough, and I won't go looking for an even thicker hook to match the gauge of the pattern: 15cm x 15 cm.

I'll probably just keep the blanket a bit smaller, make an extra border or something  around it, or make an extra row of squares - I still have to decide on that, but for the moment I got 19 more squares to make until I can see what the size of the blanket would really be... I really hope I get some time to do all of this at Easter - and I can't wait to get home tonight to make another square or two! 


  1. Veldig søt!
    jeg blir fristet til å lage et sånt teppe jeg og;)

  2. Takk:)
    Jeg tror det blir kjempefint altså!
    Klør skikkelig i fingrene etter å få laget mer -
    det er vel godt tegn?
    Håper bare jeg får alle rutene omtrent like store nå ;)

  3. Jeg er misunnelig;)
    Jeg må få snopt inn garn til et nytt prosjekt snart:)!!



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