Friday, 26 March 2010 I could listen to for hours... and hours again...

Quite a while ago I went to a concert with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.
I really enjoyed the programme, especially one piece:
Symphony no.3 - the organ symphony, by C. Saint-Saëns.

I still can't forget this piece, and I keep going back to listening to it, over and over again... There's something about this music that I just love, it feels so alive, and touches me in a way I'm not used to... I like classical music, but I'm not necessarily the one who'd sit down to listen to it, just to listen... but this symphony is different somehow - and one of the pieces that I just don't forget.

I'm still looking for the ultimate recording of it.. I've listened to quite a few different ones, with different pros and cons for one and each of them... but I haven't found one single recording where the strings and the winds seems to be completely together throughout the whole piece... in some places the rhytms even sound different from one recording to another, so when I thought I knew what it was supposed to be like, I realised that I really don't have a clue...

It would be interesting to read the score - and compare what is written with what I hear - but in the end it just doesn't matter. No matter what it's "supposed to be like" - this is just such a beautiful piece of music, and the "ultimate recording" that I'm looking for is not necessarily the most correct, but the one that just makes me disappear completely into the music - without making silent notes to self about glitches here and there.

If you don't know this piece yet - give it a go on Spotify or your preferred music provider - it's definately worth the time spent!

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