Thursday, 11 March 2010

Knitted and felted cat basket

About a year ago I knitted and felted a bed or basket for my cat. She's been using it a lot in periods, but only if I place it in a place that suits her highness... Placed on the floor she's not interested at all, but now that I've placed it on the top platform of her scratching/climbing post she spends hour after hour sleeping, resting or enjoying the view out the window.

Recently I was asked to make two similar catbeds for a friend of mine, and this is the first one:

The new bed was well received by its new owner(s)
- just look at this beautiful little missis enjoying her "sister"'s new bed:

This little miss here is supposed to share the second, slightly larger, bed with her "sister" -
as you can see - they already try to fit two into one tiny basket:

These beautiful cats are of the breed Egyptian Mau, and belong the NO*Gooseberry Egyptian Mau cattery.


  1. Tusen takk for sengen! Vi er kjempefornøyde! =) Gleder oss til den neste =)

  2. Der fant jeg deg :-D Tusen takk for en trivelig samtale om viktige ting tidligere i dag. Nydelige bilder av nydelige katter i super seng. Tror min dvergdachs ville blitt glad for en sånn også. Ha en fin helg.



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