Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Finally something new to post...

I am not being very productive at the moment... at least not when it comes to actually finishing up project... I've been working on too many "small" projects now, and I am now looking forward to starting on a big project again - I'll soon cast on for the first sweater I'll be knitting for myself! That story is to be continued though...

I have just finished a project I've been having on my needles for quite a while, and on my "to do"-list even longer. The pattern is Toddler Moc-a-Soc by Bekah knits - very cute crossing of socks and shoes for small feet...
However - I tried to use a different yarn that was thinner than the yarn called for - and thus they don't keep the "shoe-shape" they seem to be supposed to. Can only blame myself for that, though... They are still very soft and cute, but if I am to make another pair of these at some point, I'll try to find a yarn closer to what the pattern calls for.


  1. Suuupersøte tøffelsokker!! Deilig å fullføre noe som har ligfet en stund sikkert :-)
    Innom for å ønske god ferie til deg og dine :-)



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